Consultation Package

Establishing or upgrading your business? A professional consultant will make this complex project easier.


You are an expert in your own field. When it comes to establishing or upgrading your business, you need to approach your store’s planning and design with the acute understanding that every decision and choice you make will impact your business performance and sales. You should ask yourself important questions, like:

  • How should I organize the customer’s path in my store?
  • Where should merchandise be placed? How many products?
  • How can I use design to increase my sales?
  • How can I differentiate myself from competitors and make myself stand out?
  • What affects the customer’s experience?
  • How should I work within my physical and space limitations? Etc.

At Koren Visual Solutions, we prefer to offer a complete service package, meaning that we handle all stages of the project - concept, planogram, design, planning, production and installation – to ensure that the final project meets the highest standards.

We have a solution even if don’t have the budget for a complete service package.

Even if a complete service package is not in your budget, you should at least tackle your project with the most up-to-date professional knowledge and start your initial planning by taking into account as many relevant parameters as possible. You should understand your business’s specific advantages and disadvantages and know how to use facts on the ground to avoid planning mistakes.

To this end, we launched a retail consulting package for business/store owners.

Lior Koren will visit your business and sit with you for a consultation meeting, after which you will receive a report with recommendations and professional guidelines to plan and design your space.

The package includes:

  • An on-site visit, which includes photographing and measuring the space, and analysis and identification of opportunities with reference to on-site conditions.
  • A report with general recommendations including: the customer’s path in the store, reference to the shopping experience, location of interest points, principles of product mix and display, signage and branding, lighting, climate control, the checkout area and its surroundings, how prices and promotions are displayed, and more.
  • A concluding consultation meeting.

For further information, please contact Guy at 03-919-1505 ext. 124, or send us an email: