Strauss Elite | Fixtures & Visual Merchandising

1. A display and retail stand for Strauss Elite chocolates and candies, located in an airport’s duty-free store. The project’s purpose was to promote the Strauss Elite's values among Israelis and tourists and differentiate the brand from foreign competitors. The inclusion of a bin at the bottom of the display sends the message that not all the stand's products are expensive and there are great deals to be had as well. The display uses the brand’s colors and is designed to look like a present. The stand strengthens the brand, creates recognition from afar and draws attention to the brand’s unique items, even for tourists who are not familiar with the brand. 

2. A product display for Elite-brand snacks in a Hazi Hinam Supermarket branch.

3. Graphic brand omplementation for  existing refrigerators for dairy products with a new look.

4. A display fixture for chewing gum that sits on the counter near the cash register.