Hazi Hinam | Frozen products retail design

Warming up the Frozen Category - Surprising total design with maximum impact and experience, and minimum interference to the open space and the shopper's path. 

Given the challenge to design a better retail experience for the 400 square meters of frozen products category, we've decided to preserve the open space feeling and create a warm, vibrant and energetic space, which will be fun to shop at, instead of boring and literally cold.

The 6-meter-high ceiling was covered up by graphic, telling a story of a world journey with an outdoor atmosphere, warm lights was implemented instead of the common industrial neon lightning. The wide perspective enables clients to enjoy the design without looking up. The lower ceiling above the decent ails was highlighted by signage and pergolas to make it more appealing. That section displays gluten free and milk substitute products, with a unique design using vintage objects (milk jugs, windows, scales etc.) which makes it section warm and attractive. The new design increases the traffic to that section and makes shoppers spend more time there, exploring the great choice of products.