Toto - Israel's lottery | Kiosk & Store Renovations

Between 2003 and 2010, we undertook a nationwide project for the Sports Betting Council to design and renovate 1500 lottery and betting stands, kiosks and convenience stores across the country. The project was intended to increase store sales generally, and specifically promote the Toto-Winner lottery and betting forms. All display fixtures were designed using the Sports Betting Council’s brand.
We developed unique display fixtures for these points of purchase and provided a variety of options with substantially different dimensions, structures, requirements and budget constraints. All points of purchase were renovated and the furniture and display fixtures were replaced in part or entirely. Generic products were manufactured in commercial quantities, and products specific to a particular facility were manufactured individually. Emphasis was placed on functionality, reasonable costs and a uniform design to improve the Toto-Winner brand’s visibility.
In many of the businesses revenue increased significantly following the project’s implementation.