Hazi Hinam | "Sharonim" Mall Branch

Hazi Hinam’s flagship branch in Hod Hasharon’s Sharonim Mall covers 13,000m2 (~140,000 ft2). Every detail in the store was carefully designed.
For this branch we designed and implemented decorative elements on the ground floor, in the different categories and delis, in display platforms, and in a variety of designated facilities.
The different parts of the redesign project includes the following categories: bread, canned goods, flour and oil, organic food, Asian food, baby products, nuts, beverage syrups, products for birthdays and parties, bread stands, the cheese counter, the deli meat counter, spices and pickled vegetables, the vegetables and fruit section, the dried fruit stand, the meat counter, eggs and dairy products, fish, and more.
We developed the Hazi Hinam design concept around the shopping experience and the customer’s convenience. A visit to the branch is a truly spectacular experience - each category has its own “story".